Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Siblings.....and the people they drag into the family.

This is something i've been thinking about for several years: the impact of siblings and the impact of in-laws.

This is my situation, because everyone lives in different circumstances....and i think mine is rare.

My siblings. We all get along, even though we don't always agree. We vacation together. We stay in touch, even the out-of-towners. We make fun of each other, especially with old pictures. We share inside jokes. We eat around the same table when possible. We hang out with each other for fun. We pray for each other, even if it's unsolicited :) If our lifetime remains typical, we'll spend more time on Earth living beside each other than with our parents or our kids. This makes the relationship all the more powerful, and again....rare. It's work, like any relationship, but has been so worth it. I'd encourage anyone with siblings to pursue it, take the 1st step. You. Today. How about right now?

My Inlaws. Different than siblings but still powerful, because they change your siblings. The question isn't if they'll change them, it's whether it's for the better or worse. Like any team or culture, in-laws have the ability to devastate and ruin, or become a solid vibrant part. Your job? Be the in-law you'd like to have, whether it's the family you're coming into....or the family being invaded.

Thinking more about this today as Luke & Nat celebrate 2 years. Congrats guys! Also a shout-out to in-laws TR, Griff, Amber, Luke, & Shari.

Because I've got it better than most.

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  1. Jeremy- Love this! We value our sibling relationships so much. Love you!